recycling modular & MANUFACTURED housing axles & tires

all across the united states.

Ace Tire and Axle, Inc. supplies new and recycled axles and tires for the manufactured housing industry. Through our recycling  efforts combined with our new product line supplies, Ace Tire and Axle strives to help our clients provide the most affordable and environmentally friendly housing option in America.


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Wednesday, December 04, 2019

Environmentally Conscious

while providing housing for Americans

In an effort to better assist our customers in providing the most affordable housing option in the United States; we have established an unmatched recycling effort. Based on quality new and recycled products, with an emphasis on customer service, our customers and factories can expect a product that supports them in achieving their business goals.


Convenient Locations

Across the United States of America

Supplying your business

with any size axle or tire

Let one of our purchasing representatives purchase your used product from your dealership, community, or service company. Once removed from the home Ace Tire & Axle will come to your location and provide a prompt customer friendly experience from start to finish. This recycling service is important to our industry in an effort to provide affordable housing to Americans.


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